Buy Now Large Witch Czech Marionette Puppet

Buy Now Large Witch Czech Marionette Puppet

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Large Witch Marionette is an old lady, she’s been around, and she can do magic. She’s very friendly, and she loves to chat with a cup of hot chocolate....Handmade original marionette that will bring so much joy and fun into your home...

This large daunting witch marionette stands nearly 2 feet tall (28 inches). Her professional control device allows full range of movement, including moving eyes and mouth.
Notice beutiful details on her hand sewn outfit, hand painted face and wild hair. This puppet is made in the classic style and she has a skeleton hand carved from wood. Her shoes are made of actual leather. Her hands and face are cast from a unique plaster-like compound. This Large Witch is just stunning piece of artwork, and she shouldn’t be missing in any collection.