Hot Sale Winter in July: Television set like box with a winter moonlight sculpted scene with three handmade art dolls OOAK situated in a snowy forest

Hot Sale Summer in July: Television'set like box with a winter moonlight'sculpted'scene with three handmade art dolls OOAK'situated in a'snowy forest

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These dolls are made from sculpey, foil, fabric, foam and wire, and painted with acrylics. These are a posable stop motion characters in a small scene made from wood, plaster, wire,paper and masonite. The character's are hand sewn by Jaylene and I using a combination of sewing machine and hand stitching. Though I am no seamstress, there is a raw character to the fabric art aspect of this doll that is quite nice. Each of the three figures stands about 10" tall and is about 4.5" wide at the shoulders. The box itself is 18" wide, 22" tall and 19" deep and comes with clamp lights nested within the box.