Crazy Price Muli

Crazy Price Muli

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Hand felted in one-piece, this Filzkin next to Finnley our cat, is made from natural merino wool dyed with non-toxic colours. Muli is solid felted wool, no stuffing, no stitches and no seams. Light-weight and washable, he is soft, firm and durable.
Muli measures approx 41cm in length with tail, 18cm in width and 26cm in height.
He comes with his own numbered tag and in a Sebold's draw-string cotton bag.

Muli loves Americana, and adores Western films. He's such a fan that he's adopted a Southern American drawl, and insists on wearing a Stetson when he plays guitar in the band. Not always willing to do what the others ask, he can be difficult and contrary, and only gives way when cleverly bribed with marshmallows.