New Official Build #39;m walls MEDIUM 6 piece set

New Official Build m walls MEDIUM 6 piece'set

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These build'm walls are handmade + finished with non toxic mineral oil.
6 pieces. 2 side pieces. 2 door/window pieces. 1 ladder. 1 roof.
Approximate size: makes a 11.5" square when put together. 8" Tall.

Transform these build'm walls into castles forts, doll houses, stables, etc. The hours of play + imagination are endless. Complete with a roof, ladder, door, & window. Your child will develop fine motor skills as they build these up. The best part? These can be taken down & put away when the kiddos are done playing OR left out so they can play when they want. These walls also look beautiful as decoration too.
We leave the accessorizing up to you.

Type of wood varies depending on what wood I have in my shop at the time of making.

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